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Fresh from the Woods -- Jan. 27, 2015

In our latest Fresh from the Woods feature we look at home heating with wood. Though not nearly as common as it once was, wood heat, whether in the form of stick firewood or pellets, has enjoyed something of a resurgence in the past few years, thanks to high oil prices. What will happen now? No one knows. But it's unlikely Mainers will abandon wood entirely. To see the story on our website, click here. To go to the email announcement click here.


News from the Woods -- Jan. 20, 2015

In this edition of our biweekly e-newsletter you'll find links to stories about a tax plan for non-profits that would affect land trusts, Irving's plan for 51,000 acres in The County, Portland's new urban forests video, and how restored forests are helping combat climate change. For all this and more, click here.



News from the Woods -- Jan. 6, 2015

In this edition of our biweekly e-newsletter we have links to stories about new conservation deals in Maine, the possible return of the cougar to the northeast, a new way to forecast how sweet maple syrup season will be, the effect of shorter, warmer winters on loggers, and treeless paper. Yes, you heard right. All that and more, just click here.


Fresh from the Woods -- Dec. 23, 2014

Happly Holidays from Forests for Maine's Future. In our latest Fresh from the Woods feature we look at Pinus strobus, aka the eastern white pine, perhaps one of the most versatile, and stately trees in the eastern forests and a mainstay of Maine's forest products economy for centuries. To read our feature directly, click here. For the newsletter announcement of the feature, click here.



News from the Woods -- Dec. 16, 2014

In this edition of the Forests for Maine's Future biweekly e-newsletter you get links to stories about the latest state of the lynx in Maine, news about paper mill sales, a study that about logging and carbon release, another about lowering the impact of logging in tropical forests, and another about a project to map the carbon in tropical forests as a tool to help fight climate change. All this and more by clicking here.